Are you interested in BEATUBE? Do you want to use it to train or treat people? If you are a trainer or a therapist of any kind, you can join us and get certified online. The main benefits are:

  1. You get self development. It’s always good for a leader to be exposed to new challenges.
  2. You get a license to use the BEATUBE method as a new, fun, unique and experiential tool in personal trainings, group workouts and rehabilitation programs.
  3. You get to use BEATUBE’s name, logo and public materials to promote yourself.
  4. You get a full access to the BEATUBE library which includes videos, texts and references. The library materials which update at least 4 times a year, will allow you to learn the method and pass it on to your trainees or patients.
  5. You get BEATUBE’s support and community. In BEATUBE you always have the developers available for your questions, needs and ideas.

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