Want BEATUBE® In Your Fitness Facility?


Practicing BEATUBE® regularly may contribute to the proper development of a child’s physical, cognitive, emotional, and social capabilities. Physical – body posture, flexibility, strength, stability, range of movement, freedom of movement, and a sense of proprioception. Cognitive – learning ability, attention and concentration, memory, time management, coordination, language development, and auditory abilities. Emotional – enjoyment, interest, self-confidence, success experience, satisfaction from interpersonal communication, and a sense of belonging. Social – greater motivation to communicate with others and the environment, developing attention and sensitivity to the rhythm of another person. In addition, the BEATUBE® rhythm dictates the timing of meeting points and constitutes a permanent framework of boundaries which is beneficial to the educational development of the child.


BEATUBE® is a unique, refreshing, and fun aerobic studio workout that differs in structure and nature of activities from all other existing aerobic studio workouts. Unlike other aerobic studio workouts, BEATUBE® is characterized by training in pairs, movements inspired by martial arts, freedom of movement of the trainer, an endless variety of movements, and more. Its benefits go beyond traditional aerobic exercise’s physical benefits, it also provides training for the brain!


Recent findings in the field of brain research show that the brain is regenerative and, despite the amount of nerve cell loss throughout life, new connections can be made among existing cells to continue to develop the brain. We are now starting to understand the enormous impact the fields of rhythm and movement can have on the cognitive functions of the brain. BEATUBE® was purposely designed as a means to combine the two fields. Therefore, we conclude that BEATUBE® may be an excellent approach to improve cognitive capabilities and may even help to prevent strokes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other forms of dementia.

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