What is BEATUBE®?

BEATUBE®️ is a unique method that focuses on enhancing the brain function of older adults as well as improving their coordination, balance and other physical abilities. This method combines three key elements: rhythm, movement and interaction with another person. With BEATUBE®️, each participant holds one or two orange tubes optimized for the method and performs various challenges: tapping the tubes together, on the floor, on the body, and on the tubes of the other participants – all while moving in space and in rhythm with the music. 

BEATUBE®️ digital hub is a digital environment designed for BEATUBE®️ instructors and therapists. The hub contains a huge database of instructional videos which present the method’s movements, forms of tapping, practice patterns and drills, and lesson plans.

The BEATUBE®️ method and digital hub were developed by Or Maoz (B.Ed, M.A.A.T) and Amit Hadad (B.Ed, M.Sc.P.T, Ph.D student) and their rights are fully protected by law. The business development of BEATUBE®️ is led by Carmit Choomash.

Get Certified

If you are a trainer or a therapist of any kind, join the growing community of beatubers, add a new area to your training repertoire and increase your income.

Active beatubers who have successfully completed the instructors course enjoy professional contents, lesson plans, business networking and personal support. You too can become a certified instructor and use BEATUBE®️ in your personal training sessions, regular classes and special events.

Please reach out and ask us about the next BEATUBE®️ instructor course.


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