What is BEATUBE®?

The Rhythmic Workout-for-Two that Improves both Body & Mind.

BEATUBE® is a method which combines three key elements: rhythm, movement and interaction with another person. With BEATUBE®, each participant holds two (orange) tubes optimized for the method and performs various challenges: tapping the tubes together, on the floor, on the body, and on the tubes of the other participants – all while moving in space and in rhythm with the music.

The BEATUBE® system is an organized method which includes a huge database of movements, forms of tapping and interactive rhythmic exercises designed to improve brain and body abilities. The method was developed by Or Maoz (B.Ed, M.A.A.T) and Amit Hadad (B.Ed, M.Sc.P.T) and its rights are fully protected by law in the US, Europe, and certain countries in Asia. BEATUBE® offers a new, fun, unique and experiential activity for business events, private events and institutional events. In addition, BEATUBE® holds regular workshops and classes. Operations can be carried out as an aerobic practice, neurobic practice (brain training), or dance activity and are suitable for all age groups, all types of populations and anywhere in the world! 



Adult Courses

BEATUBE® is a unique, refreshing, and fun aerobic studio workout that differs in structure and nature of activities from all other existing aerobic studio workouts.

Senior Courses

Recent findings in the field of brain research show that the brain is regenerative and, despite the amount of nerve cell loss throughout life,

What Our Students Have to Say

The BEATUBE® method has become a great mental and physical social activity, allowing me to find myself and create a new circle of friends.
In the modern world, where everyone is so isolated and separated in their own space, BEATUBE® helped me connect to a cool new social movement.
The engagement and group participation in BEATUBE® helped me to feel alive again in so many ways.
I loved the courses and found them very easy to practice.

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